Normobaric chambers

The best investment in health is normobaria

What is the use of the chamber? A lot – especially in the era of the prevailing pandemic and the upcoming autumn, when we are exposed to viruses and other diseases, the chamber improves our immunity, the body fights infections much faster, but not only:

  • Using the chamber delays the aging process by oxygenating all cells of the body and accelerates the development of new blood vessels
  • It multiplies the level of stem cells (even up to 150%), which replace damaged or destroyed cells, and thus are necessary to rebuild organs and extend our life
  • Oxygenates nerve cells, thus reducing depression and increasing mental efficiency, concentration and remembering
  • It increases immunity by stimulating the immune system
  • It reduces the symptoms of autism by increasing the activity of nerve cells in the brain
  • It accelerates recovery after exercise and promotes faster recovery from injuries
  • It helps in the treatment of difficult skin diseases
  • It improves the body’s efficiency
In summary, Normobaria is a step or even three steps ahead of the previously known hyperbaric chambers.

Normobaria is an idea of Dr. Pokrywka, which is currently more extensive and developed. The pressure in the chamber fluctuates in the range (1450-1500 hPa), which guarantees improved oxygenation of the tissues.
Additionally, this effect is enhanced by a greater amount of oxygen (35-40%) as well as carbon dioxide (up to 3%). The air is additionally enriched with hydrogen (approx. 0.5%). In this way, it is possible to simultaneously oxygenate the tissues and stop the aging processes caused by free radicals.

Normobaria is not a medical department, but rather fits in with the care and strengthening of our health, similar to fitness clubs, spas, etc.

On the Internet you can find a lot of materials on this subject, both publications and films as well as interviews with Doctor Pokrywka, from where you can learn a lot about the benefits of using normobaria. People who use normobaria enjoy better test results, often full recovery from even serious diseases that current medicine cannot cure.

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